Letter: Fix the Malahat

Put in four lanes from Westshore to Bamberton

Fix the Malahat

I live in Mill Bay and travel the Malahat four to six times a week. Over the summer once again the Malahat Drive was a “parking lot” daily.

The “parking lot” is now happening at the summit along with other areas. When will John Horgan and the provincial government finally put in four lanes from Westshore to Bamberton and lobby for federal government funding? Find a way to put in two more lanes southbound around the park? But do something!

The northbound lane from split rock is in sad shape and looks like it’s falling off the cliff. All the measures to stop u-turns have not worked. Illegal u-turns are still happening at South Shawnigan turn off and at Spectacle Lake.

The CVRD is allowing the south end of Shawnigan Lake to be developed with huge new housing developments. Once water is found in Mill Bay both sides of the TCH will be developed. The Malahat is the only way into Victoria. Throwing up a few temporary or permanent barriers is not the answer.

A year ago last August I tried to contact every representative in all levels of government to express my concerns through email and phone. Only Blaise Salmon from the CVRD contacted me directly. All levels of government need to step up and fix the road properly.

Karen Jackman

Mill Bay