Letter: Election coverage unfair

Equity is a hollow term

Election coverage unfair

I was a candidate in the recent election and am compelled to share my beliefs. There has been much encouragement over the years to step up and run for office.

It all sounds great until one steps forward and declares themself a candidate.

Most candidates for school board, municipal and electoral areas repeatedly voiced the terms “equity and inclusion”.

Many first time candidates were portrayed in your publication in vague yet extremely insulting terms. Name calling, ridiculing and derisive comments were printed and delivered to doorsteps throughout the Cowichan Valley. I assumed that equity would have afforded newcomers the respect to be heard and allowed voters the opportunity to become acquainted without prejudice.

Equity is a hollow term that did not translate into professional journalism.

I am dismayed by the breadth of press afforded to the derogatory insults and opinions of outgoing mayor of North Cowichan Al Siebring.

When you chose to showcase his remarks would you not have known the pain his words would cause personally and the damage that would result to their campaigns? How does this action targeting candidates fit with the value of inclusion? Perhaps it was your plan.

Why did you gracefully promote those you chose and malign those you haven’t taken the time to get to know?

Ruth Waddell

Candidate for Area E