Letter: Duncan council same old, same old

Taxpayers had their chance for change

Duncan council same old, same old

In the previous Duncan city council, Garry Bruce was the most logical councillor.

He could not get support from the other councillors.

Come the October 2022 election, the taxpayers had a chance to help Garry get support on his recommendations. That support would have Garry getting support from the taxpayers electing Mark Anderson, Mike McKinlay, and Joe Sawchuk to city council.

That would be four votes to the other three and changes would be made, including lower taxes.

The taxpayers did vote in Mike McKinlay, but with Garry Bruce, that only makes two votes out of the seven. The new council is still the same old, same old.

Taxpayers had their chance for change, but chose to support paying higher taxes every July for the next four years. Nothing to complain about taxpayers. You made the decision.


Joe Sawchuk