Letter: Customs declarations made difficult

My Beef is with Canada Customs

Customs declarations made difficult

In Winnipeg in the 1960s there was a radio call-in program called Beef or Bouquet. Listeners would voice their opinions on local issues.

My Beef is with Canada Customs. Did I miss the takeover of Canada Customs by a nefarious anti-post office group? Was I the happy frog in the hot pot being complacent?

Being informed at the post office I would have to take my parcel home, fill out the custom declaration on my home computer or smart phone, return with the parcel to the post office, it would be mailed. Here’s a newsflash, not everyone has a computer or a smart phone.

This cut has the odour of death by a thousand cuts. Have there been other cuts? How many cuts have slipped by? A cut to rural delivery, a cut by Canada Post doing its duty.

Shame on you Canada Post-Customs, if this whole boondoggle is to cut staff at post office branches.

Canada Customs, no Bouquet.

Wendy Hooper