Letter: Continued cutting ecologically suicidal

Proof is easily seen in some 141 species at risk

Continued cutting ecologically suicidal

Mr. Robert Beard’s letter to the Citizen (Dec. 19, 2022) is so misdirected and ecologically suicidal that I just had to respond.

In short, tragic clear-cutting of our forests, before and after North Cowichan taxpayers took ownership, has been, to candy-coat this, devastating to our flora and fauna. They are crucial to our valley’s rich-but-threatened ecological web.

Proof is easily seen in some 141 species at risk — including our Coastal Douglas fir ecosystem — in North Cowichan’s forest-reserve lands.

These are facts Mr. Beard may not know about, nor care to know about.

If he did, perhaps Mr. Beard could not, as a logical, compassionate nature lover, ever recommend status-quo logging of our Six Mountains for paltry profits and a handful of logging jobs.

We own our Six Mountains. They are priceless, no matter what revenue numbers say. They must be saved from commercial logging.

Sorry Mr. Beard; the smart, civilized option in North Cowichan’s vital municipal forest review survey is indeed number three: Active Conservation. It can foster carbon-credit cash dwarfing timber profits, forestry jobs, educational, recreational and cultural values, plus precious, life-giving biodiversity we must now heal and protect.

North Cowichan’s survey deadline to help save our publicly-owned forests from further destruction is Dec. 31, 2022.

Please visit ConnectNorthCowichan.ca/mfr.

Yours in ecological sanity,

Peter W. Rusland

North Cowichan