Letter: Coalitions make ineffective government

Come on folks, Canada doesn’t deserve this, and it shouldn’t be our future

Coalitions make ineffective government

The other day I heard an interesting comment while having a coffee. It was expressed in the form of a query: “Are we Europe now?” At first I did not understand the context of the question, then I realized what it meant. Like a lot of modern European nations, Canada now has a coalition government rather than a majority or minority government coming from a decisive political win. In fact, the current Liberal/NDP coalition looks a lot like some European political arrangements wherein no one party convinces the electorate they should rule and coalitions of convenience take place.

What is the result? In a word (or two) “ineffective government.” Coalitions rise and fall with having enacted much effective legislation. Come on folks, Canada doesn’t deserve this, and it shouldn’t be our future. It is obvious that the current coalition has been constructed to keep the Liberals in power and add some NDP policies. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals won the last election by the slimmest of margins, and without the popular vote which, for the second time, went to the Conservatives. Hence the need to enlist the NDP in order to stay in power.

Does this, in any way, help Canada or make us a better nation? It doesn’t look like it. No one will be served if we slip into a pattern previously exhibited by nations like Italy, where governments have risen and fallen with distressing regularity and ‘strange bedfellows’ become the norm in political alliances. Perhaps most distressing of all is the current role of the NDP, once the third party in Canada and which now appears to be a mere appendage to the Liberal Party of Canada. Although not a supporter, I find it distressing to see it reduced and used in this way.

We need effective stable government in Canada. It won’t be found in “coalitions of convenience” created for political gain.

Perry Foster