Letter: Be careful choosing a heat pump installer

Make them give you three phone numbers to call

Be careful choosing a heat pump installer

Recently over having coffee, I have heard many unsatisfied comments from customers that are not happy with their heat pump installations.

After having the heat pump installed and paying the bill in full and starting to have mechanical issues, they found that the contractor would not return phone calls, ignore warranties, and having to call another heat pump contractor only to find that in some cases there was faulty installation.

Suggestions made were that when picking your heat pump contractor out, that you make them give you three phone numbers to call from to get the opinions of previous customers about their heat pump installations, and checking out the Better Business Bureau.

Also to hold back 10 per cent of the installation bill for 30 days making sure that your heat pump system is working properly and that they will return your phone calls regarding your mechanical problem.

The CBC Marketplace show has done shows in regards to the topic of contractors, proving that you have to use caution before awarding a contract out for the work to be done, as a heat pump installation is a major investment, and for that investment, you want your system to be working perfectly.


Joe Sawchuk