Letter: Band together to globalize on our terms

We have bigger things to deal with than border disputes

Band together to globalize on our terms

I was recently asked: has my view of the United States and Russia got better or worse during the last three years? I responded with:

My view of USA’s foreign policy has been rock bottom since the McCarthy years (the ’50s for those not born yet) when he had me looking under my bed every night before sleep — not really, but those of you still around would know of America implying that threat — a convenience for establishing a new ‘institution’ of secret police — the CIA.

It was how I saw it in the newspapers that I was selling on the street back then, not here in Duncan, but back east. Next, the Korean War, but mostly, in my teens, the Vietnam War especially reinforced my conviction that U.S. was heading off the rails. I and others were rebuked for such imaginings. Our plight is now very serious.

Whereas, still in my teens, I had considerable respect for Russia, having first the guts to overthrow the aristocracy, then willing to experiment with a different system than capitalism, and then acknowledging the failure of a communism that really wasn’t as expected, and moving on to try something else while plutocrats and oligarchs of these ideologies further entrenched themselves to make it their own to manipulate the masses to their whims, which amount to nothing more than fascism. And that is a definite dead end.

Capitalism as I perceived it in my late teens would eventually come to the ‘dead end’ if we did not before then alter it, fine tune it, for unity rather than division i.e. collaboration rather than competition. We have gone astray from even peaceful competition. Now we must ‘play’ to survive.

I do recognize achievements in all disciplines, not as consequences of one system or ideology better than another, but rather as those of people. And it is as people that we need to come together, just as McCartney and Lennon were advising then, and understand that any system that we create, as a people, needs to be dynamic in the sense that it must adapt to the ‘times’ for the people. The moment to recognize that it’s time for change is with the first nuance of exploiting the status quo.

The elite presently want to ‘globalize’ the planet, on their terms. We can see today at what length they will go to achieve this. As a population that can now travel to all corners, we must all unite, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, West and Indigenous of all territories, to globalize on our terms, not theirs.

We have bigger things to deal with than border disputes. Global emergencies such as climate, health and welfare. United, we can stop all wars… simply by denying them fuel. On all fronts. Uniting under any cause threatens the ‘rulers’. Their fear being that once together we might just realize the overwhelming peaceful force we can be.

And finally, to my mind, we are faced with a global emergency that demands a global resolution from a united population. Consequently, the ‘rulers’ will do anything to keep our minds from anything that may compel us, the global population, to “Come together now”.

Jean-Pierre Turcotte