Letter: Ban tubing on Cowichan River

I believe all tubing must sadly be banned on our heritage waterway

Ban tubing on Cowichan River

Dear CVRD chairman and directors, and Lake Cowichan and Duncan mayors and councils:

After mulling recent issues concerning pollution, rowdyism, and habitat disruption on our threatened Cowichan River, I believe all tubing must sadly be banned on our heritage waterway.

These disturbing issues appear in the Aug. 12 issue of The Citizen newspaper.

While only a percentage of ignorant tubers is talking trash and tossing it, the bigger picture upstream and downstream is far more dire for our ailing salmon-bearing river.

The immediate impact on the Cowichan’s fish habitat is combined with ongoing reduced river flows, climate change, industrial use, riverside development, and various pollutants afflicting our river.

Stakeholders indicate those insidious impacts are unlikely to stop.

Frankly folks, our river is just too precious and delicate to risk by allowing tubing on it.

Beside a tubing ban, I believe it’s past due for wardens — including First Nations’ members and conservationists — to be hired and work with police to patrol our river and fine scofflaws and polluters.

A patrolled pollution-and-tubing ban, paired with potentially higher flows from Lake Cowichan’s future new weir, could paint a far brighter picture.

I regret that tubing companies would be sunk by such a ban, but the health of our river is simply too much to gamble.

Peter W. Rusland,

North Cowichan