Letter: Balanced review of the forestry operations needed

Balanced review of the forestry operations needed

Mayor and Council,

I see the Forest Review is back on the table this week.

I encourage your commitment to a balanced review of the forestry operations including and considering the UBC Forestry plan. This review must be done in a timely fashion and include town hall face to face type meetings.

I would discourage you from allowing any logging during the review completion and decision period.

Regarding the ultimate decision, the carbon sequestration program is clearly the best path for everyone concerned since declarations have been made that we are in a climate crisis. The trees must be saved for the sake of biodiversity and water conservation as well as carbon offset. Proactive removal of the Broom in our forest before reforestation of clear cuts is very important.

Our OCP review indicated that the majority consider North Cowichan a rural area and increased development must be done in existing densely populated areas. Since our forests have a direct relation to the size of our communities we must place firm boundaries where no further development will be allowed. Encouragement of agriculture must be promoted for food security of our population.

The current conditions of the forests in BC are a sign that there are serious issues with the forest fire prevention. Taking positive lessons to mitigate potential fires in our own forests must be considered.

Let us all consider the consequences of the status quo which in the past had the perception of hiding things from the public. There is this terrific opportunity in front of all of you to be open minded to new ideas that keep our environment front and center of importance.

Bryan Senft