Letter: A no brainer to fix the railway

The railway development has many benefits

A no brainer to fix the railway

I attended a Probus meeting yesterday where Frank Stevens of Island Corridor Federation received a positive response to his informative talk.

Who knew that in March of next year a decision is to be made by our government to determine whether or not the approximate 20 feet of railway corridor is to revert back to First Nations land?

This will happen automatically if there is a decision not to develop a much needed double line freight/passenger, train service up and down our island. With the result that any chance of having one in the future will be gone forever!

The railway development has many benefits and would transform the lives of commuters, shoppers, and students alike, travelling in a much reduced carbon emission environment. Mr. Stevens confirmed that although the project would cost approximately 350 million a profit would be made within two years. Moreover, restoration would happen quickly with the service up and running by summer of next year. Surely it’s a no brainer to go for it!

Sue Fryer

Maple Bay