Keep up the good work

Laurie Johnson writes in support of council's streetscape project

Dear Editor:

Re: Huge waste of tax dollars, Aug.29, Letters

Sandy Kell has invited us to join in and write so here I go. I am shocked at some of the public’s negativity towards this project.

For starters, our road and sidewalks were in poor, poor condition. In early Feb. 2011 the ministry gave approval for repaving in 2012. On February 22, 2011 the mayor invited us (the public) to come up with ideas before the paving started that would be useful. From that point on, at every public meeting, this issue was raised.

Public meetings are advertised the in local newspaper, Facebook, the town’s website, and our sign at the entrance of Lake Cowichan. In early Nov. 2011 the drawings were available for us (the public) to view and to comment on. When I attended the public meeting on Jan. 16 the completed drawings were there for our (the public) input.

At the next public meeting in May a power point presentation was made. The has utilized social media as well as the website to publicize the road improvements. With a population of approximately 3,000 people — and at one public meeting I counted 38 people in attendance — I would say most of the residents didn’t care to give their input on the improvements.

I guess what I am saying is we (the public) were invited to be “the powers that be” so those who did not go to town hall, attend a meeting, or write a letter, in my eyes, should not complain.

Lastly, regarding turning left on King George Street, I don’t believe it was better before.  According to Cowichan School of Motoring — and I called to confirm — it is illegal to pass on the right hand side of a vehicle turning left!

In closing, I will say to Johel Group, Duncan Paving, the traffic control, Public Works, and the Town of Lake Cowichan, “Keep up the good work. Our town is looking beautiful.”

Laurie Johnson

Lake Cowichan