Justifying environmental destruction

It’s profit first environment last for the Teal Jones Group.

It’s profit first environment last for the Teal Jones Group.

The company’s internet website is nothing more than a cutting and pasting of whatever out-of-context facts can be best used to justify the damage they continue to do to the environment (see Page 17).

But don’t take my word for it. Peruse their website to develop your own opinion of Teal Jones Group. The page http://tealjones.com/FactorFiction.htm is their most insulting read.

One of the more interesting “facts” is that there’s an abundance of old growth trees in British Columbia. They even go as far as to say that old growth trees are damaging to the environment (old growth trees contribute to global warming). Related to this, they state that “There are more trees now in Canada than there were 100 years ago.” Although this is true, it’s also true that the greatest diversity is found in the old growth forests Teal Jones Group does not like. Therefore, it’s more of a quantity than quality situation, with these more abundant younger trees home to a lesser ecosystem of animals, plants, and organisms than old growth forests, which are by no means abundant.

On their fact or fiction page, “Clear-cutting is bad for the environment” is listed as a fiction. This is so laughably stupid an opinion that it’s not worth commenting on any further than simply pointing it out.

It’s a similar such twisting of facts that has led some people, despite scientific evidence to the contrary, to not believe in global warming.

Let the government know how you feel by petitioning for more old growth forest to become protected.