Just stop all oil and gas production and see what happens

Mr. Barron should read letters more carefully and not be “short sighted and purposefully uninformed”

Just stop all oil and gas production and see what happens

I would like to challenge Mr. Barron’s contention where he claims any letter to the editor that does not follow his thinking on climate change is a denier. Being the true believer that he is, he can not accept any other hypotheses put forward by scientists that are not part of the IPCC. About the IPCC, why are there politicians and academics on that panel? What scientific analysis do they add to the theories that are being foisted on the world’s population?

The claim is always made that any scientist who does not agree with the IPCC is only speaking for the oil and gas companies. What about the scientists that are on the panel? Where is their funding coming from and what is in it for those contributors? I know Al Gore is raking it in by selling carbon credits. That is one example. What about the rest? The IPCC should publicly acknowledge who is contributing to their cause. Then we could probably find out what is in it for them. I am sure it is not being altruistic. Everyone has to make a buck.

As for this teenager championing the idea of climate change trying to be the next Joan of Arc, money must be coming from somewhere. I don’t think she is independently wealthy to afford the travel expenses necessary to spread the word. Note that so far the north is being left out of these protests. I do not think telling them that they have to find alternatives such as electric vehicles, solar and wind power and other sources would go over very well.

My challenge to all of this fear mongering is to do an experiment for a month:

Firstly, no more importation of produce, vehicles of any type, clothing and any product that is shipped using fossil fuels. This includes by plane, truck and ships. Only local products should be available. With produce for example, only seasonal vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, turnips and potatoes which are in store now. Sounds delicious and it puts one back to that utopian world where one had no other choices.

Secondly, stop all oil and gas production and shut down the refineries and pipelines. Biking and walking are the alternatives. If the electric vehicle is a choice, think of what goes into the production. Tires, plastics, metal and the shipping of them would make one not use them if one really believed in the effects of the vehicles on climate change.

Thirdly, any other activity deemed to be harmful to the planet.

As predicted, the politicians are all over this climate angst. It is a poker game where one will plant two billion trees and another ups the ante to 10 billion. Of course, this will not be any benefit for 30 years or more but by then the world should be beyond redemption. All the main concerns of the everyday person are being shunted to the back burner. Also, I guess we lose the military because no candidate has mentioned it, to the best of my knowledge.

Mr. Barron should read the letters more carefully and not be “short sighted and purposefully uninformed” about others’ opinion or facts from the ostracized scientists. I’m just saying.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill

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