John Koury doesn’t care about seniors

Editor: This summer will mark the second anniversary of the closing of Cowichan Lodge. The VIHA decision to shut down the seniors facility and displace almost one hundred residents was met with community-wide condemnation. Public meetings drew hundreds, local group Concerned Citizens for Cowichan Lodge was formed, and 9,000 people signed a petition to the provincial government, strongly opposing the closure.

Support to keep the lodge open crossed all political boundaries.

The local MLA and MP, as well as local government bodies all became involved in attempts to overturn the VIHA decision.

North Cowichan mayor and council expressed their concerns, and at the March 4, 2009 council meeting, a resolution was moved requesting that VIHA “meet with representatives of Cowichan Valley stakeholder groups to discuss citizens’ concerns for the future of Cowichan Lodge.” This motion was passed with two councillors opposed. One of those councillors was John Koury, the Federal Conservative candidate.

Mr. Koury’s action was a slap in the face to this community, and all of us who were supporting attempts to keep the Cowichan Lodge open. It was especially insulting to the lodge residents and their families.

I have read comments by Mr. Koury stating he supports our seniors, but actions speak louder than words. North Cowichan council minutes are available online.

Don Gordon

Lake Cowichan