Housing is not a right

Housing is not a right

I would like to exercise my freedom of speech.

No, housing is not a right. Housing is something we tax payers work for. Housing is something we earn and at the same time teaching our children and their families the very same thing. The City of Duncan needs to dismantle the tent city immediately. These people need to go back to where they came from. Our province needs to consider paying bus fares for the tent city people to go back to their previous homes.

Tent cities are always left with piles of garbage and infestations of mice, rats and dirty needles. If I took my camping equipment and set up camp in our downtown public park, I am sure I would immediately be removed or if I resisted, I’d be arrested. Duncan, take a stand! Get tent city out of our public parks! Housing is NOT a right. Housing is something you earn.

G. Price