Going after miniumum wage ignores the real problems

Big oil and related industries are the largest part of the problem.

Going after miniumum wage ignores the real problems

Low hanging fruit (re: minimum wage).

Of course people go after the easy targets when they have problems.

Big oil and related industries are the largest part of the problem. Most of the costs that are going through the roof are caused by corperate greed.

Recently we saw a spike in gas prices that I’m sure was artificially raised because big oil wanted to politically scare the B.C. public — look what will happen if there is no pipeline — under the guise of refinery shutdowns and the marke’. These corporate entities love it when we fight amongst ourselves and don’t question the real power.

I’ve worked as a cook for over 20 years and the wage has stayed at $10-$12 for 30 years! What about these minimum wage earners, don’t they need more income to survive after years of price/utility hikes? Oh, but all minimum earners are teenagers, under 24s living under their parents umbrella — what a crock! There are a lot of people of all ages making minimum wage and we all know that wages haven’t even come close to keeping up with the cost of living. Going after teenagers and under 24’s is easy, but lets get the facts right.

I think it’s preposterous and offensive when older generations push the blame elsewhere when we are leaving the younger generations a burned out, expensive planet. They can’t even get good jobs now because the older generations are working longer because they can’t afford to retire. Housing prices through the roof (unaffordable), education fees through the roof — on and on! What about the older generations that complain about price hikes in restaurants, etc. even though they have most of the the money, or should have because they had 40 years to accumulate it?

John McMillan


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