‘Epoch Times’ was promoting conspiracy theories

What a waste of pulp when it could have been put to far better use by becoming toilet paper.

‘Epoch Times’ was promoting conspiracy theories

The continuing push of misinformation by the tag team of Ms. Diane Moen and S. Innis saddens me that such gobsmacking ridiculous ideas are touted by them as the truth, the only truth, as they trash facts to suit their agendas.

I do find most of their ideas such revisionist history that they are hilarious.

But what I do not find any humour in is the recent letter by Perry Foster who praises that disgusting rag, Epoch Times, to such an extent I have to wonder if he is not a supporter of that cult that is behind its printing: Falun Gong. Fun fact, this cult is the second largest funder of pro-Trump propaganda on Facebook. That wasn’t a compliment, either.

When that rag showed up unsolicited in my snail mailbox a couple weeks ago, I was tempted to have my mailbox fumigated to get rid of the stench of the vile conspiracy theories within its pages.

What a waste of pulp when it could have been put to far better use by becoming toilet paper. Canada Post owes us and the postal workers who have complained that they were forced to deliver what amounts to hate literature.

It is fine to criticize how China handled the virus outbreak but without racism or conspiracy theories involved. In no way do credible scientists believe that COVID-19 is anything but a naturally occurring evolution in that SARS-like virus.

What that vile rag is helping to do is cause a racist backlash against our own Chinese citizens in the minds of low-effort thinkers.

It is known that once someone goes down the conspiracy theory path that they are likely to embrace other illogical conspiracy theories. So here is another conspiracy theory to believe in and it involves claims, with some justification, that America was the home of this virus, not China.

Why not? The virus was brought to Canada by people returning from Las Vegas. So maybe there is a virus producing facility in Sin City, run by the American military which is working with little green men from Area 51. Further evidence is that a Chinese born professor working on the virus was shot dead by his lover. Ah, but people in the know are right to be suspicious and perhaps he was shot to stop him from spilling the beans that America not China was behind this pandemic.

I really hope the readers realize that I am being sarcastic as my conspiracy theory has no more credibility then does the unproven rubbish and groundless innuendos that Mr. Foster found so appealing in Epoch Times.

I don’t believe in censorship as it is better for even the vilest ideas to be allowed to surface where they can be soundly rebuked rather then to let them fester unseen, especially in social media. Point blank, though, I am ashamed that there are fellow Canadians who have bought into the racist conspiracy theories of Epoch Times, as racism has no place in Canada, or at least shouldn’t.

Robert T. Rock

Mission City


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