Emergency communications possible along entire Pacific Marine Circle Route

Emergency communications possible along entire Pacific Marine Circle Route

There was a very happy group  at the Mesachie Lake Fire Hall on Saturday, Feb. 4 as the official announcement was made regarding a new emergency responders radio communications system for the area.

Thanks to the joint effort of the ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the CVRD local emergency responders now have effective radio communications along the entire Pacific Marine Circle Route. With the popularity of the Circle Route growing among locals and the many tourists coming to the area, it only makes sense to have a complete emergency response system in place.

The Circle Route is also a major alternate route for Highway 1 closures along the Malahat and a reliable emergency radio system is critical to ensure the safety of everyone who travels this route.

The Mesachie Lake Volunteer Fire Rescue Department members all seemed thrilled  to have this system in place to help them with their emergency rescue efforts on the circle route. These men and women play a crucial part of any rescue on the circle route and it is only fitting that they have everything in their power to assist them in their efforts.

Well done to everyone who was part of this coordinated effort that resulted in emergency responders now being able to effectively communicate in emergency situations along a highway that will only get busier with time.