Don’t hang up your community spirit hat

t seems that the volunteer spirit here in Lake Cowichan just doesn’t get to rest.

It seems that the volunteer spirit here in Lake Cowichan just doesn’t get to rest. Over the last few months, since I began working as editor for the Gazette, I have noted a few times how blown away I am by the local volunteerism, and how much other communities could learn from this one.

However, you will notice as you flip through the pages of this week’s paper, there are a few initiatives, organizations, or activities that need the help of the public, and I’m hoping for their sake that even though many of us are on holiday or are simply busy with life, that we can still take a few moments to help these people out.

I just want to highlight them here. First of all, last week the Lake Cowichan Food Bank put out a call for fresh garden vegetables. Cindy Vaast says she has noticed an increase in numbers of people who are using the food bank this year, and would appreciate any local garden vegetables people may have. For more information, or to donate, contact Vaast at 250-749-6239.

Next, if you look at the sports page, you will notice that a group of local women are walking to Duncan on July 21 to help out their friend, Cindy Kruk, who has ovarian cancer. Kruk needs help at this time to pay for extra medical expenses as well as regular household expenses while she is not able to work. See page 16 for details.

Then there is the family of Mo Shah, a Lake Cowichan resident who went missing 20 years ago near Skutz Falls. The family has organized a bike ride to Skutz Falls on Aug. 12 to try and spark the memories of any potential witnesses that may have information about Shah’s disappearance.