Debating history of Christmas is trivial

Let’s call Christmas whatever you want to call it!

Debating history of Christmas is trivial

In respect to the debate between Robert T. Rock and April Gibson, “A little more on the history of Christmas” about the question around the date of such an event. May I ask, why such a debate?

His alleged appearance, here on earth, is based upon undated, unsigned documents, by unknown authors. Who, even though they claim to be eyewitness to His life’s events, were clearly not present, but somehow conversations are related verbatim.

One example being the conversation that allegedly took place between Jesus and the Devil, while Jesus was being tempted by the Devil out in the desert. Who was it that taped recorded the conversation and gave it to the unknown eyewitness author, who in all probability could neither read nor write?

My message to those who debate such trivia, hasn’t there been enough bloodshed in the last 2,000 years, when it comes to beliefs based upon the foregoing? Wasn’t the bloody crusades a hell of a good example?

Let’s call Christmas whatever you want to call it! Who cares!

The fact is, it is a time to get together, be with family and friends and a call for peace on earth and goodwill to all. Yup!

Oh, yes, it is also a time to buy, buy, buy, for the profits of large corporations.

John Walker

Cobble Hill