COVID rules by B.C. government fall short of protecting us

Yet here the government is ignoring the obvious


COVID rules by B.C. government fall short of protecting us

Well snow arrives in B.C. once again. The news and media sounding out the call of foreign dollars for the ski industry and sounding hopeful for a long prosperous winter. This is not unlike a month ago when the media and government were caroling about the Canadian snowbirds finding homes for the winter in B.C.’s trailer parks and rental units.

Now we look at current news of the spike in COVID-19 numbers and the pleas of government doctors and health officials to stay inside, not party and not have people over to visit. They constantly remind us and council us that this is serious and people are dying. This is a pandemic it is serious.

Yet here the government is ignoring the obvious — people coming here to stay for the winter from infected areas and people coming here for recreation from all over the world. The government of B.C. is ignoring all this — why? Why do they expect the people of B.C. to believe them or obey them when they do this kind of thing? Thousands of snowbirds and tourists to infect us and the government ignoring it. Why?

Media ignores it, government ignores it and we suffer with increasing numbers and deaths. Close this province to tourists, shut it down completely except essential services and do it now.

B.C. Ferries advertises record numbers of people coming to the Island on Thanksgiving and now with Christmas coming it will be the same. No comment from the obvious by the government and silence from the media. Are they blind, deaf and dumb?

Time for the B.C. government to step up; time for B.C. residents to demand government look at the bigger picture.

Larry Woodruff

North Cowichan