Conservative values anti-science, anti-intellectual

What exactly are conservative values that we should be following?

Conservative values anti-science, anti-intellectual

I think Simone Black wrote a letter using a scatter-gun loaded with wads of gum hoping something would stick. Knowing words is good, knowing how to use them coherently is better. And no, old communists are not the same as the NDP or the Liberals and to think otherwise makes the writer sound like they have gone to the Ms. Moen school of mixing apples and oranges.

What exactly are conservative values that we should be following? It was the reactionary politicians and preachers who held conservative values that prevented women from being declared fully human until 1939 in Canada. It was conservative values which kept them from the right to vote or own property in their own name.

Conservative values even today are desperate to find ways of denying women their human rights and control over their own fertility. Conservative values are not just the product of shallow thinking, but of reactionary ideas that are too archaic, too obsolete, and too dangerous in our modern secular democracy. I think it is an important question to ask why those with conservative values fight abortion rights and stay silent on racism in Canada. Scheer, any response?

Conservative values are intertwined with right-wing, fundamentalist faiths. It is a mistaken belief that somehow the past was better, men were men, and women knew their place because of scripture. The origins of misogyny, homophobia, and anti-Semitism are found in scripture. Conservative values founded on such repugnant man-made scripture is nothing to base a worldview upon.

Conservative values are anti-science and anti-intellectual. We have only had progress when religion and conservative values have been pushed back and out of education, government, and the courts.

Homelessness has not been caused by the NDP or the Liberals. It has been caused by the shipping of jobs overseas by the corporations. It has been caused by our part-time, minimum wage job economy where people can’t afford decent housing. That is all part of the conservative value system which has given us the trickle-down economy. You want someone to blame, Simone Black, blame those Conservative politicians who did the bidding of the CEOs who gutted the middle class and enriched themselves.

I have lots to disagree with the left, especially on political correctness, which tries to deny freedom of expression just as much as those with conservative values try to do as one is no better then the other. I regard both with equal repugnance. I hate much of what the cancel culture is about just as much as I hate those conservative values you mistakenly think we should follow. Yeah, follow right back to the Dark Ages of the 1950s. No thanks.

If you can look at the mess that the U.S. is in from COVID to Black Lives Matter, where white evangelical faithful have staged a coup and taken over the government under Trump and his minions, when the U.S. was founded on the atheist principles of Deism where no religion shall dominate, and still claim that we should follow such conservative values, well, I have a used statue of General Lee that I could sell you.

Robert T. Rock

Mission City


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