The spine can deteriorate as we get older. (Submitted)

The spine can deteriorate as we get older. (Submitted)

Column: Use it or lose it

“How do you think my spine got so messed up?”

By Carl Weber

“How do you think my spine got so messed up?”

Sharon was a typical 35-year-old mom, busy in her work and family life. She began care because her mid-back and neck felt achy, leading to headaches. She was very surprised by the level of spinal degeneration shown by her X-rays.

“I’ve been active my whole life. I haven’t had any car accidents or traumas to my spine. How could my spine wear and tear over time without my realizing it?”

I explained that spinal decay, like tooth decay, can be quite common by our mid-20s. Losing our spinal health is an ongoing and silent process. It can result from poor posture, not stretching and strengthening and from a lack of attention to our spines. Like fitness, strength, flexibility, our teeth….what we don’t take care of, we lose.

Nor do we focus on the health of our spine in North America as do other cultures. East Indians emphasize Yoga. Asian cultures emphasize Tai Chi and martial arts. In many parts of Europe proper posture is heavily promoted early in a child’s life.

Chiropractic care can return the missing movement to our neglected spines. We’re born with healthy mobility and when we’re kids and play all day, we never stop moving. Then when we turn over in our sleep, our spine adjusts itself. That healthy, natural correction stops as we begin school and become less mobile. Add computers, texting, backpacks, sports, and our spine becomes imbalanced. By our adult years, our spinal column and pelvis no longer adjust while turning in bed. We’ve built up too much preventable decay.

“Oh, I get it,” Sharon said. “It took time to get like this and that was a process. Now it will take time to get healthy because that’s a process.”

“You’ve nailed it,” I said.

Our spine is not a self-sustaining, lifetime guaranteed product from Canadian Tire. It needs regular attention to keep healthy. And when’s the best time to start? Either birth or right now! That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Use it or lose it. After all, what kind of spine do you want to have when you’re 80?

Peace, Carl

Dr. Carl Weber, B.P.E. (Hon), DC, is a chiropractor at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic, 85 Darnell Rd. Contact them at 250-749-3393 or check the out on the internet at