Clothing, religion and belief — different things?

Clothing, religion and belief — different things?

It would seem that clothing has become the surrogate for belief.

Clothing, religion and belief — different things?

It would seem that clothing has become the surrogate for belief.

Whatever was the original intent of religion has now been supplanted by what clothing an adherent wears, or what is prescribed by the religious leader that one indulges in such beliefs.

The attire denotes the faith that you follow; the days of personal introspection sans clothing are now passé, one must proclaim by presentation where your religious intent lies by your clothing.

Religion is such an inexplicable part of life that our verbal interpretation lacks adequate explanation. Must we wear particular types of clothing so as to vouchsafe what we are unable to express in words? I am unable to describe what religion is or is not.

Is there a true need for this phenomenon? Without it, would I become an incomplete human being? One other point is, what is its purpose while shrouded in mystery, a question at every turn, a continuous conundrum? Quite perplexing is it not?

There are many things that we can improve our lives with, that are not as complex or as unending as religion. When we open our eyes and senses to what our planet has provided for us free, except for the nurturing, that care and respect in all things is required in order to survive; can or does religion have a way to enlighten us in this regard? Has religion, a life of its own?

Can belief penetrate these articles of clothing that are worn or does it cling like fog to the weave, unable to get to the heart of the matter?

What is truly needed for this worship to function adequately, productively, giving a sense of joy and achievement?

Disenchantment from conditions existing comes to mind, the hope, and the dream of what may come to pass? What thoughts may disturb the mind in these times?

Notwithstanding the radical factor of our behaviour within our societies whose aim is to survive, survival of the fittest or of those who connive to a one-up-manship system as natural progression!

What I was not aware of, until recently, was that mankind has been on a war footing since the moment of his origin on this planet. Millions of years habituating this paradise with the rut more deep as the centuries fly by. We have now found out the most proficient way to kill off our fellow man: remote control. Such achievements would be laudable were they not so grievously abhorrent to the principle of love.

Often I wonder, is spiritualism connected in any way to religion or vice-versa; was it ever thus? Now there seems to be a great disconnect in this regard.

There is one other thing that I may add, into this potpourri. It seems that the world economy hinges on the sale of arms — munitions to these religious groups, who, it seems, are eager to buy from whomever offers them a bargain. After all, one has to keep the costs of slaughter to a modicum n’est-pas?

G. Manners

Cowichan Bay