Campers wouldn’t otherwise stay at a lodge

Editor: Sports groups that come into town with their campers, motor homes, fifth wheels to an event at the hall or arena are not going to stay at a lodge.  They have to be where the action is.  A good example of this is at the Mesachie Lake Sky Dome when they have the weekend ball tournament.  The grounds are filled to capacity with some spilling over onto the Renfrew road entrance.  We, the Victoria M/C Club, have looked into using this venue as an alternative to Centennial Hall but found the kitchen is not adequate for cooking for a large group.

Is this taking money out of everyone’s pocket? Well, this is not so. We pay our way totally and put money into the town, CVRD and several businesses in town.

Business people should not be lobbying the town to disallow camping.  The benefits are many.

We now have a great new complex which the people of this area voted for and in support of the use of this complex, groups should be allowed to make good use of the grounds near the hall and arena.  Then, the money spent by these groups will stay in town.

Groups and events will only come if they can be close to the action.

George B. Foster

Lake Cowichan