‘Bible’ anti-feminist from day one

‘Bible’ anti-feminist from day one

No room for women in that early era

‘Bible’ anti-feminist from day one

In a letter to the editor, Mr. Robert Radford asks if it would be a good idea to replace the word “sons” with “children of god”, in the Bible (Psalms 82.6) He considers the wording as “anti-feminist”.

I am rather surprised with such a suggestion, as the word “children” would then exclude both adult male and female, which, to me certainly, doesn’t seem fair.

However, the Bible has been ant-feminist from day one. “In the beginning” it refers to God as “He” and also “His” “son” (Jesus) as “He” and hence any followers as “sons of God”. No room for women in that early era, as it still is with many religions where women take a back seat, and follow behind their man, and are subsequently still in bondage.

I am rather surprised with Radford’s suggestion of a word change to the Bible. Somewhere in “God’s Holy Word”, translated into into Shakespearian Elizabethan English, is a passage that goes something like the following: He who taketh away or addeth to the word (the Bible) shall be cast into the lake of fire where there is horrific suffering, so much so there screaming and yelling, resulting in gnashing of teeth, forever and ever, amen.

For God’s sake, don’t change the wording, or “He” might take it out on all of us, male or female.

John Walker

Cobble Hill