Baby boomers like hockey, too

Editor: Thank you for your coverage of the Cowichan Lake Leisure Pool Society Annual General Meeting.

As it is, though, information and quotes made can be misplaced or not presented in its intended context at times. If I may, I’ll refer to the following.

In the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial and the Lake Cowichan Gazette it was printed as follows; “With the baby-boomer generation reaching its peak, interest in hockey will dwindle…” Well, those could be fighting words with hockey fans! As you know, I was referring to the fact that were are limited to playing hockey or skating depending on physical ability. I don’t believe our interest in hockey would dwindle, as we would continue to live out the game vicariously through our children and grandchildren, or those who can play.

Also, I do feel that the ongoing “Baby Boomers” would offer huge economic potential for this town and community of Cowichan Lake.

I feel that in order to attract the retiring baby boomer population, we would have to build the infrastructure to service their needs. This economic engine is also environmentally friendly. I could go on, but I won’t.

I will point out that this is not just about building a pool, but building a life style.

Terry Pool

President, Cowichan Lake Leisure Pool Society