Allowing Centennial Park camping a no-brainer

Editor: I am writing this letter in disgust.

I am sad to say that two people in this town can make rules that hurts the outcome of the good of our community.

We need all the people from out of town!

Mayor Ross Forrest didn’t flip flop, he thought it through. It’s not about camping, it’s about good people that come to our town and enjoy themselves, and when that stops, we are in trouble.

Close the doors!

These are not special events, they are annual events. They run for three days out of 365 days a year, and they have been going on for 30 to 40 years. Wake up!

And as Bob Day said, charging a fee going to a Centennial Park reserve fund for future problems like fixing our vandalized toilet at Centennial is a win-win.

Bob Simpson

Lake Cowichan