Urgent needs for firefighters in Crofton and Chemainus

Urgent needs for firefighters in Crofton and Chemainus

Candidates will receive all the necessary training to become a member

There’s an urgent need for firefighters in Chemainus and Crofton.

Previous call-outs haven’t produced any results so the message is going out again.

The Municipality of North Cowichan is seeking applications from interested candidates for paid, on-call firefighter positions at the two fire halls.

Paid, on-call firefighters receive fully paid training, as well as all required equipment and gear. Applicants must be at least 19 years old (16-18-year olds are eligible for junior membership), a resident of North Cowichan located within the Chemainus or Crofton response boundaries, in sufficient physical condition to pass a required agility test, pass a criminal record check, and be willing to attend all scheduled training sessions.

“Ideally, we are looking for people who enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team and are motivated by the desire to give something back to their community,” said Crofton Fire Chief Ken Rukus. “As firefighters, we get the opportunity to be part of something that makes a real difference and there’s no better feeling.”

Chemainus Fire Chief Al Irwin emphasized firefighter candidates of all ages and demographics are encouraged to apply.

“We are not just interested in the ‘young bucks’, so to speak — we are looking for men and women who feel committed to their community, who can be relied upon to attend scheduled training, and who are physically active in their everyday lives,” he noted. “If this sounds like you, please give us a call.”

Successful applicants begin with a three-month introduction to the firefighting program that takes place one evening each week, and one day on each weekend. Training is followed by a nine-month probationary period, which earns the successful trainee his or her firefighter’s badge.

For more information, contact Rukus in Crofton (250-246-3640) or Irwin in Chemainus (250-246-3121).