Town proceeds with purchase of new garbage truck

Halloween delivery date set for truck's arrival in town

The Town of Lake Cowichan has gone ahead with a purchase of a new garbage truck for staff to use.

The truck will cost the town approximately $300,000 and should be delivered by the end of the year.

“We’ve gone ahead with the purchase and the delivery date is October 31,” said chief of administration Joseph Fernandez at last Tuesday’s Public Works Committee meeting.

Superintendent Nagi Rizk still has to meet with the supplier for some last minute confirmations.

“I’ll be meeting with the supplier to confirm the order,” said Rizk. “One part is built in the United States and one part is built in Quebec. But it will be delivered on time.”

Rizk also confirmed that the new truck is significantly bigger than the one the town currently operates with and that the tonnage in weight is similar to a truck used by the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

“It normally takes us about three or four trips to collect the garbage in the town. This new truck will now cut our trips by about 50 per cent and that obviously reduces greenhouse gases as well.”

Councillor Tim McGonigle asked Rizk if the current truck will be kept as a back-up for the time being.

“Yes it will be kept as a back-up, maybe even longer, say until the current truck dies,” said the superintendent. “Our current one is still in good working shape.”

Back in March, Mayor Ross Forrest stated that the purchase of a new garbage truck for the town was a necessity.