Town of Lake Cowichan staff says trees pose no danger

Comiaken Avenue and Cottonwood Street: Complaint of dangerous trees from Sandra and Brian Avery deemed invalid

A recent complaint over “dangerous trees” in Lake Cowichan has been deemed invalid by town staff.

Back in March, a complaint came to council from Sandra and Brian Avery over the trees located at Comiaken Avenue and Cottonwood Street.

The Averys argued that the trees were splitting a cement wall and their low branches were a safety concern to residents walking along the nearby sidewalk.

“The superintendent looked at the trees claimed to be dangerous and our findings are that they pose no danger,” said chief of administration Joseph Fernandez at last Tuesday’s Public Works Committee meeting. “The trees pose no danger to the utilities or to public safety and I have sent a letter to the Averys.”

Thus far, the Averys have yet to respond to the town.

“We did look at three sites where there was potential of dangerous trees,” said superintendent Nagi Rizk. “We determined there was one on Lakeview that is a dangerous tree but the ones at Comiaken and Cottonwood, no. We followed our procedure in determining.

“When we determine that a tree is dangerous then we don’t automatically assign a second planting to the same company. We ask them for a quote first,” said Rizk.

Mayor Ross Forrest is pleased the complaint was dealt with in timely a fashion.

“I’m glad to hear the proper procedure was followed,” said the mayor. “That’s the way decisions can be and should be made. It really isn’t our decision here as we just follow the procedures put in place.”



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