Dust follows a logging truck entering Youbou.

Dust follows a logging truck entering Youbou.

TimberWest outlines preferable truck wash site in Youbou amid continued negotiations

Youbou Truck Wash: Negotiations continue to stall as TimberWest speak of site preference

The prospect of a truck wash for Youbou continues to motor on, slowly but surely.

CVRD Area I (Youbou/Meade Creek) director Pat Weaver has confirmed that TimberWest, the company that would set up and fund the wash, has declared its preference of site and location for the function.

“For TimberWest, there is Site A and Site B and they want Site B which is the old mill site where the helicopter pad used to be,” said Weaver. “But that’s on Youbou Lands’ property and is a future park designation. We’re still negotiating.”

Weaver herself declared frustration at the lack of pace surrounding the installation of the truck wash and wanted it installed a number of months ago.

“We have had two or three time frames told to us, it’s still up in the air. TimberWest told me the truck wash can be up and running in two weeks if all parties can come to an agreement and right now they’re not in agreement.

“Site A is at the end of the road and pavement just before you go into Youbou. It’s basically on TimberWest land but it sits on a proportion of Youbou Lands’ property.”

Former CVRD Area I director Klaus Kuhn believes there is a better option to the two sites currently being discussed.

“About three weeks ago I met some TimberWest officials that I knew out in the bush after I was coming down from a hike on the Cottonwood Valley. They want to use a triangular piece of property with Youbou Lands (Site B) but that’s a designated park area,” said Kuhn. “I realized from looking at my maps that there is a piece of property, already zoned industrial, 200 metres down the road.

“Youbou Lands don’t like the idea of a truck wash there (Site B) or at the entrance (to Youbou). The truck wash will be a portable unit so it can be moved.”

Weaver is calling for a swift end to a process that in her mind has dragged on long enough and sees the truck wash as a necessity to prevent dust and mud problems.

“I wish it would get settled for the good of everybody before all the dust comes this summer. We need it,” she said.