Thieves target things with wheels

Police blotter: Motorcycle and ATV stolen, van broken into

Lake Cowichan RCMP is investigating a series of vehicle-related thefts and vandalisms.

The most recent was a motorcycle theft in Lake Cowichan.  The motorcycle was stolen from a parking lot at 211 Madill Street between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Feb. 4.

The vehicle in question is a red 2008 Honda CBR 125 cc.

“It was taken sometime during daylight hours into the early evening. We think someone has seen the motorcycle and picked it up in a pick-up truck,” said Sgt. Wes Olsen of the Lake Cowichan RCMP.

Officers are also investigating an incident where an ATV was stolen off Skutz Falls Road and driven away.

RCMP said in a press release the blue Yamaha Grizzly 650 was stolen “sometime overnight between Jan. 17 and 18, from the Skutz Falls Road area near the intersection with Cowichan Lake Road.”

The ATV was started up, driven eastbound and loaded onto another vehicle before being driven away once more.

“An officer traced the tracks of the ATV to Mayo Road where it would appear it was loaded onto the other vehicle. The assumption is that the keys were left in the ignition (of the ATV),” said Olsen.

RCMP are also investigating an incident where a white Chevrolet panel van had its passenger window smashed in and contents stolen from inside.

The incident occurred sometime between 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 1 and 2 at 12:13 p.m.

The van was parked on Highway 18 just west of Skutz Falls Road and had the passenger window smashed out.

“We don’t know yet how the window was smashed but it was obviously done to gain access to the vehicle,” said Sgt. Wes Olsen. “The assumption would be that there was another vehicle involved as this happened in the middle of nowhere. With minimal traffic it’d be pretty easy to stop, grab and take off again.”

The contents stolen include a chop saw, electrical generator, air compressor and assorted hand tools.

Meanwhile, police are looking into the break-and-enter of an unoccupied home on Kestrel, just off Blackwood Heights in the Marble Bay area.

Those responsible jimmied the front door and took new fridge, stove and dishwasher.

In another incident, Feb. 7 brought about a reported break-in to a shed on King George Street.

“Culprits broke off the padlock to gain entry,” said the Lake Cowichan RCMP in a press release. “Once inside the shed, the culprit stole tools including a pressure washer, chainsaw, drills, air compressor and an Evinrude boat motor.”

RCMP officers wish to remind people to remember to lock and secure their belongings.

Lake Cowichan RCMP encourage anybody with information on any of these incidents to call the detachment at 250-749-6668 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.