The next generation of the Lake Cowichan Gazette

Introducing charges for digital subscriptions for those of you who do not subscribe to our print edition.

  • Mar. 22, 2012 8:00 a.m.

Thank you for choosing the Lake Cowichan Gazette as your trusted source of in-depth local news and information.

We are proud to bring you up-to-date news sports and entertainment 24 hours a day, and have invested in our newsroom to be able to deliver the news in different ways.

These investments ensure we can provide the information you need to be informed and to make decisions every day, and to deliver it in ways you want it, and when you want it. Whether you are looking for the latest developments from town hall, ideas for what to do this weekend, or places to shop, we know you rely on us each week.

Beginning the week of March 19, we will introduce charges for digital subscriptions for those of you who do not subscribe to our print edition.

Starting March 19, print subscribers can go to to sign up for digital access. Readers can subscribe for $38 a year to an all access package which includes the print edition (to local mailing addresses only— still $54 for print editions to mail within BC) and the premium online content. Out of area readers can subscribe for the electronic edition only, for $38 per year. With this step, the Lake Cowichan Gazette joins scores of paid circulation community newspapers which are recognizing the value of their online content. Valuing online content recognizes the efforts of our editorial staff. What we value in print, we also value online.

Again, all subscribers to the Lake Cowichan Gazette print edition will have access ,at no additional charge, to all content at Subscribers will enjoy privileges that include the ability to forward stories via email or social media accounts, participate in online discussions and access all content. Non-subscribers still will have free digital access to limited areas, such as Provincial news, our website front page and section fronts, blogs, classifieds and obituaries. Please see next week’s Gazette for more information.