Shrubs still an issue throughout Lake Cowichan

Overgrown shrubs still blocking pedestrian walkways in some areas of town

The topic of overgrown shrubs still remains present at the Lake Cowichan council table.

The topic was once again on the agenda at last Tuesday’s Public Works Committee meeting at the town hall.

The problem is that the overgrown shrubs, as well as landscaping, are blocking pedestrian walkways at some areas across town.

Nevertheless it is seemingly a problem that council is aware of and will continue to address and rectify.

“This is an ongoing item and it is being dealt with,” said Coun. Frank Hornbrook who chaired the meeting.

Coun. Jayne Ingram noticed it for herself on route to the meeting.

“I just stopped on my way into the building tonight and apparently there is some shrubs on the same street as the Seniors’ Centre,” she said. “It’s when you come out of the Seniors’ Centre on one of the corners and they are overhanging at the credit union.”

Chief administrative officer Joe Fernandez agreed and admitted he has noticed the problem in the same area and now Ingram will work towards figuring out who the nearby property owners are.

“I’ll send an email if I can identify who it is,” she said.