North Cowichan is working to finalize its Master Transportation Plan. (File photo)

North Cowichan is working to finalize its Master Transportation Plan. (File photo)

Resident input sought for North Cowichan’s Master Transportation Plan

Plan to guide the next 30 years of infrastructure

As North Cowichan’s Master Transportation Plan nears completion, municipal leaders are asking for another round of community involvement to help guide the next 30 year-plan.

A survey is available online now until Sunday, Aug. 14.

“During the first phase of the project, residents and stakeholders provided feedback on current and existing conditions of North Cowichan’s transportation network, and shared their values and priorities related to transportation,” said a press release from the municipality.

“From the travel survey, we learned that 84 per cent of residents own a vehicle, five per cent of those vehicles are electric, 58 per cent own a bicycle and six per cent of those are electric, 25 per cent regularly travel outside North Cowichan, and the average travel distance is per trip is 11.24 kilometres.

“It was also found that 48 per cent of existing vehicle trips were short and could be done by walking or biking.”

The draft recommendations include targets to reduce future vehicle travel, and the updated plan will help guide future planning and projects to improve infrastructure to meet those goals.

North Cowichan residents can access the survey at

According to the municipality, feedback heard through the survey will help prioritize the transportation network and infrastructure improvements and will inform the final list of recommendations in the plan.

A full draft of the plan will be available in the fall.

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