Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee meeting report

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Town Council met for its monthly Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Culture committee meeting.

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Town Council met for its monthly Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Culture committee meeting.

In Public Works it was reported that there are only 32 water meters left to be installed.

The second phase has been a challenge due to the fact there are no records available of existing services. Crews have had to employ several methods in the process of locating water lines especially in older sections of town.

As soon as the last meters are installed, staff can then begin to monitor individual home consumption and begin calculating a fair usage threshold as well as rates.

In a perfect scenario, rates would stay the same except for users who go over the usage threshold and the extra funds collected from heavy users would be put toward the maintenance an upgrading of our water system.

Results from our water modeling study are almost complete, which will give the public works department precise data to be used when upgrading the water system.

There are sections of the system that need larger water mains to meet the needs of future development as well as meet the current needs for fire suppression.

The first set of upgrades will take place on any water lines under South Shore Road in preparation for the re-paving project set to begin early this coming fall.

Two delegations made presentations during the Parks, Recreation and Culture committee meeting that was held last week.

The first was Lake Cowichan Minor Baseball, requesting assistance and funding to locate and  install a batting cage at the Centennial Park ball diamond.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $28,000 without the donation of materials and volunteer labor.

Council will take this request to budget talks and decide how much assistance could be afforded by the Town.

The second delegation was from the Cowichan Lake and River Stewardship Society.

Council was informed that in partnership with other watershed groups, funding is in the works to finance a large scale education program involving all age groups. The program would largely be about the protection and preservation of riparian areas throughout the Cowichan region.

The protection of all our shorelines is vital to the health of our water supply as well as the health of our wildlife.

There was also a request from this group for funding assistance for signage on local streams bringing awareness back to some of our local fish bearing waterways.

Town Council invites everyone to its upcoming public meeting at 7 p.m. on Jan. 16 at upper Centennial Hall.

Representatives from The Vancouver Island Regional Library will be on hand to showcase the design for our new public library set for construction this year.

Also this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to come and speak with Town Council as a group or one on one.

Please make an effort to attend and bring any ideas or questions you may have.

-Bob Day, Lake Cowichan Town Councillor