Lake Cowichan Secondary School student Evan Croteau

Lake Cowichan Secondary School student Evan Croteau

LCSS student knows geography

Evan Croteau does well in Great Canadian Geography Challenge for second year in a row

Evan Croteau has competed for a second year in The Great Canadian Geography Challenge and has once again done well. The Grade 8 student placed 8th in Canada and 2nd in the province.

Croteau says he didn’t study as much as he could have, but still found the challenge to be easy. He says that studying for this kind of challenge is different than with tests students generally take in school. “It’s not the same as a normal test where you can study the questions and you have an idea of what you are faced with,” he says.

Croteau’s mom, Connie, says that she is proud of her son. She says Croteau has always had an interest in geography and is very visual. She said he doesn’t study, per se, but spends time on Google Earth just because he’s curious.

Croteau doesn’t know if he geography will be part of a career choice later on, but he does know that he wants to travel. The hard part is deciding where to go first. His mom agrees, saying that she knows he probably won’t stay in Lake Cowichan for the rest of his life, but will probably travel the world.

Croteau has two more years to compete in the challenge and does plan on participating again next year.