Jesse McClinton is running for the CVRD's director seat for Electoral Area G. (Submitted photo)

Jesse McClinton is running for the director’s seat in Electoral Area G (Saltair/Gulf Islands)

The only other candidate is incumbent Lynne Smith

Jesse McClinton is running for the director’s seat in the CVRD’s Electoral Area G (Saltair/Gulf Islands).

Incumbent Lynne Smith is the only other contender for the seat.

McClinton said he is a husband, father of two, and a successful business owner who has lived in Area G for most of his life; first on Thetis Island as a child and then in Saltair.

“Graduate school and my career took me away for a while, but Area G has always been home thanks to the deep roots my folks, Don and Kathi, continue to grow,” he said.

“Area G is where I’m raising my young family, and it’s where I run my business.”

McClinton said he worked as a child and youth care worker in a children’s psychiatric hospital for the Vancouver Island Health Authority before he began his business career.

“For the last five years, I’ve been the CEO and owner of a growing agency with more than 20 employees,” he said.

“We primarily work with nine-figure enterprise businesses throughout North America. We measure twice, cut once, and, most importantly, always do the necessary work. I plan to bring this mindset to Area G.”

McClinton said engaged citizens make great communities, which is the foundation for a healthy society.

“I’m laser-focused on creating an environment for effective public consultation while working to facilitate consensus through mutual respect,” McClinton said.

“Area G is small; I can hear from and represent everyone.”

McClinton said on Penelakut Island, residents are concerned about emergency services, internet connectivity, and their slow-pitch baseball league.

He said residents worry about emergency access to their dock, rental affordability for families and trades, recycling removal, and their way station on Thetis.

“In Saltair, residents are concerned about bylaw 4427, stormwater management, secondary units, and regional recreation,” McClinton said.

“Area G is for everyone; it’s for our artists and entrepreneurs, the basketball, baseball, pickleball, and tennis players. Area G is for our neighbours, friends, children, grandparents, and families. It’s for everyone.”

McClinton can be contacted at 250-208-9919 or by email at

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