Lorna Vomacka

Lorna Vomacka

Fundraising with everything metal including the kitchen sink

The metal fund-raiser for the Greenhouse Project at Lake Cowichan Secondary School is fast approaching

The metal fund-raiser for the Greenhouse Project at Lake Cowichan Secondary School is fast approaching with people in the community already saving their metal scraps and gathering items for donation.  A reminder that the fund-raiser will be held on Saturday, Feb. 25 at LCSS at the bus lane behind the school from 8a.m. to 4p.m.

Steel Pacific Recycling will be providing a large bin for the collection of all the metal and there may even be the possibility to have that bin kept at the school for an entire month after the fund-raiser so that residents may continue to bring items down for donation.

Michele Taylor, organizer of the fund-raising event, is quite excited and anticipating a great turn out.  “I have talked to people that are already saving their metal for the fund-raiser,” says Taylor.

“Lake Cowichan Furniture is donating all the old appliances that they have stored that customers have returned when purchasing new ones. And, they will be letting us borrow their dollies to do so.” Taylor added.

Proceeds from the metal donations will go towards the completion of the community greenhouse and shed, as well as ongoing costs to keep it going throughout the season.

A list of acceptable materials is available on Steel Pacific’s website at www.steelpacific.com,. Steel Pacific has been a leader in environmental awareness for many years.  Part of their mandate is “All of our recovery and recycling procedures maximize materials recovery and minimize environmental impact.” and their partnership on this project is appreciated.

Steel Pacific has been doing scrap drives such as this one since May 2010 and have had approximately 30 drives throughout the island, this being the first one in Lake Cowichan.

Media spokesperson for Steel Pacific, Jenny Farkas, says “Steel Pacific has been really surprised at how the communities have embraced this idea,” On average people have raised between $500 and several thousand dollars.  “It really depends if you have an army of volunteers.” says Farkas.

There are lots of variables when it comes to how much metal is worth. Some metal is worth more than others. For instance, a car being donated has roughly $250 worth of steel in it. Gathering metal, of any kind, from your home will add to the value of this fund-raiser.

Show your support and bring down your metal scraps — everything from that old metal coffee pot to the tail pipe that fell off your car — on Saturday to LCSS and support Lake Cowichan’s Community Garden efforts.