Design and video company visits council

Whistler based video company Reactive Design visit council and outline ways of shooting promotional video

Lake Cowichan council were visited by a Whistler-based design and video company last week as the town looks at various ways of filming a promotional video for the area.

Marc Dionne and Stacey Bodnaruk from Reactive Design were on hand, equipped with a drone-style cinematograph, to outline what the company does.

Reactive Design has shot various promotional videos in the past for companies and places, including the use of aerial shots while tracking as well as up-close interviews.

“Once the product is chosen, it’s about deciding what tools you want to use,” said Dionne at last week’s CLEC, Lakeview and Fire Department Committee meeting.

Dalton Smith, manager at Cowichan Lake Education Centre, had already been in touch with Reactive Design on ways to promote the education centre.

“We’re proposing to impose a look and feel to promote what the best things are that the centre has to offer,” said Bodnaruk. “The bigger picture and goal is to help attract businesses to the town.”

Smith said that Reactive Design’s plan is to promote the area in the off season as well, outside of the summer months and also that “there are a number of special places in our community.”

“We recently did a production on Whistler Olympic Park to get people going there when there is not a ski jump on, say for weddings or yoga retreats for example,” said Dionne. “The formula doesn’t need to be complex, it’s about getting more people here.”

Bodnaruk was undoubtedly on the same page.

“It’s about you telling us what your needs and goals are and when you’re ready, we’ll come back,” she said.

Smith is seemingly all for the company and the town working together.

“We need to showcase the attractions that the Town of Lake Cowichan is responsible for. We also had a web design that was done five years ago and it doesn’t work,” he said.

Dionne was on the same wavelength as Smith.

“It’s a static website and we are moving into a more digital world,” he said. “This needs to be much more than just a summer project. Our biggest goal initially is to promote the off season.”

Mayor Ross Forrest was encouraged by the presentation.

“We know we have the beauty,” he said. “We want to get that message out there.”

More information on Reactive Design at the company’s website: