CVRD Area F director embraces Movember

If you look closely, you might notice more moustaches around Lake Cowichan than there are regularly.

  • Nov. 22, 2011 8:00 p.m.

If you look closely, you might notice more moustaches around Lake Cowichan than there are regularly.

That’s because it’s Movember, the moustache-growing month. In order to promote awareness and pledge money towards prostate cancer research and funding, several locals have allowed moustaches to occupy their face.

Cowichan Valley Regional District Area F director, Ian Morrison is one of a handful of CVRD staff sporting moustaches for Movember.

Although Morrison describes his moustache as, “Not complimentary,” he doesn’t care — it’s for an excellent cause.

“It’s the awareness campaign that’s so

important,” he said.

Although Morrison isn’t directly involved in the Movember campaign, he’s pledged $50 for the cause and is more or less sprouting his moustache in support of the true-pledgers at the CVRD.

“This is more in support of the cause from an emotional and spiritual standpoint as opposed to a financial one,” Morrison described.

Morrison, 49, is aware that it is essential for men his age to undergo prostate exams.

“It’s important for men to be aware of the issue and to be checked,” he added.

The staggering amount of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually perplexes Morrison.

“The statistics of how many people will be affected by this disease is pretty amazing. Men just need to be aware. It’s one of those diseases that not a lot of people talk about and more people need to talk about,” he added.

Morrison said the people around him have been supportive of his moustache endeavor, but also pointed out they aren’t shy to poke some fun either.

“People saying I sure hope that’s a Movember thing. They’re having a good time with it,” he joked.

Even the appearance of some new grey hairs hasn’t fazed Morrison’s enthusiasm to vocalize awareness for prostate cancer.

“I’ve grown beards in the past, and this is the first time I’ve grown one where there’s a little bit of that wisdom showing through. It’s a little blonder or lighter than I thought it would be.”