Youbou Director Pat Weaver is elated.

Youbou Director Pat Weaver is elated.

A light emerges from the dust cloud

At long last: Timberwest says Youbou should have a truck wash by early next year

Are the days of dusty whiteouts and splattered mud finally over?

Youbou residents have been promised a truck wash by the end of December or early January of next year.

Even though the CVRD rescinded a $5,000 contribution to help build the truck wash earlier this year, TimberWest along with the other logging companies that use Youbou Road have decided to build one on their own.

TimberWest has confirmed construction of a closed-loop truck wash on their land approximately two kilometres west of Youbou.

Despite a long battle to get to this point, or perhaps because of it, some are still taking a wait-and-see position.

Youbou resident Trish Waddington said she remains tentative about starting any celebrations.

“It took a long time coming,” she said.

“Anything is better than nothing but it has to do the job, if it doesn’t do the job then we are back to square one.”

Pat Weaver, director for Youbou/Meade Creek, however, is elated, and said the news comes with a bonus.

“Because the logging trucks are not the only vehicles using the road they (TimberWest) will continue to seal-coat four to five kilometres of their road and sweep Youbou Road when needed,” she said.

The proposed closed loop system should be environmentally sound, it will be able to recapture the used water and contaminants washed off the trucks then filter and reuse it.

That will keep oil and greases from contaminating the lake and use much less fresh water.

TimberWest declined comment prior to a media release that had yet to be issued by press time.

The issue of summer logging truck dust billowing and winter mud splattering on Youbou’s main road and residential properties has been plaguing Youbou since the closure of its sawmill more than 10 years ago.