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2012 Outstanding Facility Award for sports arena

The renovation project, which was completed in 2011, cost a total of $7.6 million

On Thursday evening, during a regular Cowichan Lake Recreation Commission meeting, Dave Darling, chair at the meeting, and Linda Blatchford, the manager of Cowichan Lake Parks and Recreation for the CVRD, accepted the 2012 Bill Woycik Outstanding Facility Award, given by the Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia.

The award was presented by Jim Weicker, a past president of the RFABC. A press release from the association states that the mission of the RFABC is to promote safe and efficient operation of recreation facilities through the provision of educational opportunities, networking, training, and advocatcy for recreation facility personnel. The trophy is awarded to an outstanding new or improved facility in the province each year.

The award began in 1992, and though the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena did submit the arena for consideration for the award last year, they lost by a narrow margin to the Poirier Sports and Leisure Centre.

Presenter Jim Weicker stated during his speech that this did not reflect negatively on the facility, however. “That’s the thing, facilities can always try again the next year.”

“One of the most impressive elements of the upgrade has been the extensive use of wood throughout the project which was donated by local industry producers,” said RFABC president, Steve McLean.

“The energy saving innovations built into the project are significant and impressive for a renovation initiative,” notes Associate Executive Director, Paul Servos.

He commented specifically on the parking lot, saying it is state of the art in terms of how storm water is treated.

“It’s not something most people would notice,” he said, but added that it’s aspects like this that the RFABC takes into consideration.

The renovation project, which was completed in 2011, cost a total of $7.6 million. The arena now features a new cement slab under the ice rink, a new multipurpose room, a new heated viewing area, new dressing rooms, and a new lower arena warm room for spectators.