Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas reveals 5-plank re-election campaign in bid for North Cowichan council seat

North Cowichan is making significant progress on a number of fronts.

I am pleased to announce that I will be seeking re-election to North Cowichan council on Oct. 20.

The past four years have at times been frustrating and, like you, I have not always agreed with the direction of council; however, North Cowichan is making significant progress on a number of fronts. We are taking action to address the housing crisis, making significant investments in public infrastructure and environmental initiatives, and involving citizens and neighbourhoods in developing the budget and setting priorities. This includes:

• Partnering with the Community Land Trust Foundation of BC to build more than 100 affordable co-op and non-profit housing units on municipal properties in Chemainus and the South End.

• Adopting a Bike Network Implementation Guide and investing more than $4 million over the next five years in pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure including bike lanes, multi-use paths and walkways.

• Involving the public in developing the budget and setting priorities through neighbourhood town hall meetings that have now become part of the annual budget cycle.

While we have accomplished much, significant work remains as we continue to face real challenges from managing growth and development, to addressing homelessness and inequality, to preserving our rural character and responding to issues at the neighbourhood level.

With your support, my priorities over the next term will be to work with community members to:

• Continue our focus on building bricks-and-mortar affordable housing developments using municipal land

• Strengthen municipal policies to protect our lakes and rivers and other environmentally sensitive areas

• Maintain our rural character by preventing suburban sprawl, encouraging local farming and forestry, and protecting greenspace from development

• Improve fiscal responsibility by limiting tax increases, creating new sources of revenue, and lobbying senior levels of government for infrastructure funding

• Empower citizens through stronger relationships and improved engagement with neighbourhood associations and other community organizations

Our election campaign will be grassroots, relying on the hard work and small donations of local people rather than big money donors. If you want me to continue representing you on North Cowichan council, please consider signing up as a volunteer or making a financial contribution today — whether it’s spending a couple hours knocking on doors, taking a lawn sign, or making a small donation, every bit makes a difference.

I would also like to invite you to my campaign launch on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 11 a.m. at the Garden Building at Providence Farm, 1843 Tzouhalem Rd., Duncan. Please join me for a cup of coffee or tea and some refreshments. This will be a family-friendly event so children are welcome. It’s a great chance to share your ideas on what’s important for North Cowichan and hear more about my priorities for the election campaign.

I hope to count on your support in the Oct. 20 election so that we can continue addressing the major issues facing our community and building a better future for everyone!