Catherine Pastula

Catherine Pastula

Catherine Pastula hopes to bring ‘fresh approach’ to North Cowichan council

I have over 30 years of public service in the Cowichan Valley

Catherine Pastula is running for a seat on North Cowichan council.

I have lived in North Cowichan for 38 years.

I was born and raised in the Ottawa valley and my family was involved in farming and politics there. I moved to the Cowichan Valley in the 1970s.

Prior to arriving in the Cowichan Valley I worked in the tourist industry as program director for Israel for FunSun Tours. I planned and hosted tours, mostly of farmers, to see the farming techniques employed by Israel and Egypt where innovation in water conservation was critical. Later I became a realtor and earned my credentials as an appraiser. I worked in the local real estate industry for many years. After leaving the real estate business I worked with Pastula Farms, marketing its famous potatoes for 25 years.

I have over 30 years of public service in the Cowichan Valley, serving on the following boards and social clubs, in a volunteer capacity:

1. Chamber of Commerce-Tourism

2. Mental Health Board

3. Maple Bay Rowing Club Board

4. Farmers Institute Board

5. Women’s Institute

6. Cowichan Green Community

7. Island Farmers Alliance

8. Eagles Auxillary

9. Red Hatters, Queen

After being involved in community projects for 30 years the inevitable next step is local politics.

My main concerns are the environment, especially water issues and providing affordable rental housing. We must be innovative and sustainable. We need to be fiscally responsible while doing this and try and work within our budget. We cannot keep raising property taxes for every new issue that arises. I believe my background in farming, studying the water conservation techniques of other countries, and my work with mental health has prepared me to tackle these issues.

We need a fresh approach, I will provide that.

Reach Catherine Pastula at, or on Facebook at Catherine Pastula for councillor.