Carolyne Austin

Carolyne Austin

Carolyne Austin has no regrets as she looks for re-election to Lake Cowichan council

Key issues for me are the completion of the water treatment plant, Centennial Field upgrades

Carolyne Austin is running for councillor for the Town of Lake Cowichan.

It has been a privilege to serve the people of Lake Cowichan for the past four years as a town councillor. My motto is to listen, to learn and to work for you and that is what I have done to the best of my abilities.

I am married to a wonderful Youbonian and have lived in town for 34 years. Enjoying the great outdoors and volunteering in the community have always been very important components of our life together.

My own involvement in several municipal committees and non-profit organizations over the years has been rewarding, educational and has encouraged much personal growth.

Key issues for me within the town are the completion of the water treatment plant, the completion of Centennial Field upgrades/additions, the overdue renovation of the municipal hall and continued upgrading of the infrastructure.

Also, our town is badly in need of more rental housing for people of all ages and a senior care facility for those in need so they are not forced to live their final years elsewhere.

I don’t have all the financial amounts memorized or all the information in my head on every issue. But, over the last four years I do know that when an issue came up it was discussed fully, reports were read, information gathered and I feel I made the best decision for the majority of our residents. I have no regrets.

Good governance, which is a product of thoughtful and informed decision-making, is very important to me, as is engagement with the residents whenever possible.

If I am afforded the opportunity to enjoy another four years of serving the residents of Lake Cowichan I will continue to listen, to learn and to work for you.

Vote early and vote Austin!