Senior men putt around March Meadows Golf Course

A March Meadows Senior Men golf report

John Leach

March Meadows’ Senior Men

The cloudy skies did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the March Meadows Senior men this week.

There was excellent attendance and some fine rounds of golf.

The closest to the hole this week went to Rick Nott on Number One and Jug Kalar on Number Two.

Birdies were holed by Bob Burden, Jug Kalar, Jerry Janzen, Earl La Forge, Lance Lingren and Clark Ferguson.

Earl La Forge, along with Daryl Proulx, had chip-in birdies. Chip-in pars were scored by Ray Bourassa and Dick Orman.

Earl La Forge had the low gross this week and Rocky Wise the low net.

This week was also the last round of the putting competition. The results will be announced at the windup, Tuesday, October 4.

The barrel had some close calls this week but remains unbowed.

Actually, the only time I ever took out a one-iron was to kill a tarantula. And it took a seven to do that. ~Jim Murray