Rebecca Oliver

Rebecca Oliver

Scrap metal drive will roll through 2014

Chamber of Commerce: Radio station, grad class benefit from initial push

The Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce scrap metal drive held last November in Lake Cowichan was a great success.

The funds raised have been shared with the Lake Cowichan School graduating class of 2014 and to CICV 98.7 FM radio.

The chamber wishes to thank all the members of the Cowichan Lake community for their support.

A special thanks going out to Darling’s OK Tire for storing the bin on their property and assisting in cleaning up the overflow of metal, Irly Bird for allowing the use of their fork lift to get the big items into the bin, Beaver Lake Resort for the bin stored at their property, also Independent Diesel in Lantzville for one of their bins of collected metal, and of course Shnitzer Steel for providing them the opportunity of raising funds through their metal recycling program and by bringing the bins first empty and collecting them when full.

Here is one more way you can still help, the chamber writes, “If you have big loads, old vehicles, boats, trailers, bring it to Shnitzer Steel, 3015 Boys Road in Duncan. If you are a company or organization and already have an account with Shnitzer Steel, just ask ‘Please put my month of metal towards the Cowichan Lake District Chamber Scrap Metal Drive account.’

“Then drop us an email at to let us know, so we can offer our thanks. Your support is much appreciated.”

The metal drive will continue for the Chamber for the remainder of this year so you still have time to get rid of all the old metal products cluttering up your yard.


Fridges, coolers or freezers must have the Freon professionally removed first. For more information, call 250-749-3244.